AQUA holds the largest market share by volume of coin-operated laundry equipment sold in Japan.

Starting in 1971, AQUA was the first manufacturer in Japan to produce and sell coin-operated laundry machines.Today we are Japan’s bestselling brand for laundry business solutions, with a reputation for excellent reliability proven by our long experience in the industry.

Based on the number of units shipped in Japan in 2022
(data analysis by AQUA).

History of AQUA

As the leading manufacturer in the Japanese market, we continue to achieve our mission over decades of launching innovative products that satisfy laundromat owners and their customers.

  1. 1971 Coin-operated automatic washer
  2. 1972 Coin-operated dryer
  3. 1975 Coin-operated gas dryer
  4. 1981 Coin-operated frontload automatic washer
  5. 1986 Sneaker laundry machine
  6. 1990 Pre-paid card laundry machine
    Coin shower
  7. 1995 Coin-operated steam closet
    Coin-operated shower
  8. 1998 Automatic drum-type washer with G-balance control
  9. 1999 Futon drying machine
  10. 2000 Futon washer
  11. 2002 Automatic washer with electrolyzed water technology
  12. 2003 Coin-operated automatic washer and dryer combo machine
  13. 2010 Automatic futon & comforter washer and dryer combo
  14. 2018 Washer and washer and dryer combo machine with ozonated water rinse cycle
  15. 2022 Superior Series on Sale/Received Good Design Award

AQUA laundromat machines are designed and produced in Japan.

AQUA coin-operated laundry machines have been consistently designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan since 1971.
R&D Center Development and design bases, Manufacturing Center

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