Japanese quality to the core

Introduce a new level of customer convenience with the AQUA Washer and Dryer Combo.
Through auto switching cycles developed with advanced Japanese technology, we have eliminated the need to reload laundry between washing and drying, promising a snuggly soft finish in a supremely fast cycle.

Wash & Dry

  • Wash and dry in 1 hour
  • Auto-dosing of detergent and softener
  • Drum pre-clean feature
  • HWD-7277GC
  • HWD-7177AGC
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Gas Dryer

  • High-heat gas drying action eliminates dust mites and microorganisms
  • Powerful air flow maximizes drying efficiency
  • Drum pre-clean feature with air
  • HCD-6147GC
  • HCD-3257GC
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