Gas Dryer

  • High-heat gas drying action eliminates dust mites and microorganisms
  • Powerful air flow maximizes drying efficiency
  • Drum pre-clean feature with air
  • HCD-6147GC
  • HCD-3257GC


Drying clothes
Drying blankets

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Large LED indicator
  • Enhanced user-friendliness through voice guidance
  • Door glass with privacy by design Patterning on the lower half of the dryer door glass helps put users at ease by concealing their laundry from view.
  • Avoid confusion through separate top- and bottom-mounted coin mechanisms HCD-6147GC only

Excellent Laundry Finishing

Standard Structure, Burr Method Structure
  • Exceptionally smooth drum perforations gentle on fabric Drum perforations are formed with the Burr Method to maintain a smooth drum surface that minimizes snags and fabric damage.
Laundry easily tangled Conventional drum shape with indented rear, Lesstangled Tear flat drum
  • Rear flat drum reduces fabric tangling The flat design of the rear drum prevents fabric from tangling.
Standard, Low temperature, Blanket
  • Drying cycles can be selected to match laundry Users can choose from three different drying cycles. Standard: For drying normal laundry and comforters
    Low temperature: For drying delicate laundry
    Blanket: For drying blankets
Hot air, Clockwise rotation, Counterclockwise rotation
  • Optimal side-blow heated air flow for fast drying and laundry with a soft-touch finish Heated air enters from one side of the drum and is circulated evenly across the entire drum along with the drum rotation. This optimal air flow design reduces fabric damage and ensures that laundry dries quickly, with a soft-touch finish.
  • Reversing drum for better dry Reversing drum action drying prevents laundry from tangling and clumping and redistributes it across the drum so it can be dried evenly.

Quiet Operation

Fan Motor, Drum Motor
  • 4-pole fan motor suppresses high-frequency sound The low fan speed mitigates high-frequency sounds as well as wind noise while drying.
  • Low-noise belt drive Rather than rotating the drum directly, the drive belt rotates the drum spindle for quieter operation.

Easy Maintenance

  • Easy-to-clean lint filter The filter is installed at an easy-to-clean angle that allows for cleaning without the hassle of removal.
  • Maintenance-free bearings The bearings play a key role in supporting the rotating drum. A pair of NSK bearings that do not require grease replacement are used to ensure maintenance-free operation.

Always Clean

Drum Refresh Pressing a button before loading laundry blows air through the drum to remove dirt and dust.

Promised Durability

Water hammer prevention valve
  • Durable stainless steel drum
  • Simple construction, superior durability
  • Scratch prevention cushioning protects body from damage HCD-6147GC only

Reliable and Safe

Japanese quality to the core Inverters, circuit boards, drum motors, fan motors, bearings, belts, burners, and more… these core components are all made by highly trusted Japanese manufacturers. Note: Burners are certified by the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association

Robust coin box

  • Burner safety shut off
  • Motor thermal detection
  • Filter door detection
  • Soft Wrinkles function (reduces wrinkles, prevents fires)

Door locks

  • Drum interior temperature detection
  • Burner overheat detection
  • Exhaust volume detection HCD-6147GC only
  • Door switch


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