AQUA holds the largest market share by volume of coin-operated laundry equipment sold in Japan.

Starting in 1971, AQUA was the first manufacturer in Japan to produce and sell coin-operated laundry machines.Today we are Japan’s bestselling brand for laundry business solutions, with a reputation for excellent reliability proven by our long experience in the industry.


Introduce a new level of customer convenience with the AQUA Washer and Dryer Combo.
Through auto switching cycles developed with advanced Japanese technology, we have eliminated the need to reload laundry between washing and drying, promising a snuggly soft finish in a supremely fast cycle.

  • Wash & Dry
  • Gas Dryer
G sensor for ultimate drum vibration control

The G sensor detects abnormal drum vibration during the spin cycle to control rotational speed and prevent the drum from colliding with the frame. This revolutionary feature ensures safe operation and better durability of the product.

Quiet operation and enhanced vibration-absorbing construction

Using six shock absorbers reduces vibrations and mitigates sounds even during high-speed spinning.

Consistent Made in Japan quality for over 50 years

AQUA coin-operated laundry machines have been consistently designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan since 1971.

Washer and dryer combos offer the best of both worlds!

  1. Effective use of space

    Washer and dryer combos mean less space is needed, as a single machine can handle the functions of a both a washing machine and a dryer. The effective use of limited space is especially important in places like laundromats.

  2. More convenient

    If a separate washing machine and dryer are used, the user need to shift the laundry once the washing is done to a separate machine in order to dry it. Using washer and dryer combos means this extra effort is not needed, making it more convenient.

  3. Improved user experience

    Bringing in washer and dryer combos helps improve user experiences. As the entire process can be completed with a single machine, this makes it easier, allowing the user to have a smoother experience.

Gas dryer merits

  1. High-efficiency drying capacity

    Industrial gas dryers have high heat efficiency, allowing rapid and effective removal of moisture.

  2. Soft finish

    By using the large drum to apply hot air evenly, fibers on items like towels stand up, making them soft and snuggly.

  3. Effects of high-temperature drying

    High-temperature drying is also effective in killing or removing bacteria that can cause half-dried smells, and in eliminating ticks. These dryers also use centrifugal force to remove lint and house dust that accumulates inside.

  4. Soft Wrinkles function

    After drying, air is blown through as the drum rotates every few minutes to reduce wrinkles. In addition, it can prevent spontaneous combustion in laundry with oil in it due to the stored heat.


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